Experience traveling through the wine roads of Peljesac!

Quality tourist attraction are Istrian wine roads that offer superior hedonistic and oenological experience, create favorable illusions and give a whole new picture of reality. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate and suitable soil, Istria had conditions for growing vines and picking grapes.

The second, largest, after the Istrian peninsula, Croatian island Pelješac is proud on its quality indigenous wines Plavac Mali.The best Plavac Mali wines are made on sites Dingač and Postup.
Wine Dingač is the black dry wine, which is produced from the indigenous sort of grape, Plavac Mali from the steep southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula.

Postup is also a wine that is produced from grape varieties Plavac Mali, but only from the position of Postup, on the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula.

Dingač is first (1961) and Postup the second (1967) wine that is protected in Croatia.

The most common white grape variety on the Pelješac peninsula is Rukatac, which is also called Maraština. The wine taste resembles sour cherries and is very suitable for the production of high-quality dessert wines and sherry.

You can taste them in a number of wine cellars, restaurants and taverns on the Pelješac area, which will complement the gastro-enological experience of this area, and for good accommodation please contact us with confidence!

At Crikvenica's Riviera you have to taste Žlahtina,  famous vine in this part of Croatia.

Malvazija istarska (Istrian Malvazija) is a famous variety of the malvazija grape, grown in the western part of Istrian wine region, considered to be one of the best regions for growing different Mediterranean varieties.

Teran and Merlot are among the most common wines. Istria is the homeland of quality wines like Merlot, which is dark red in colour and of a fruity and rich aroma.  

Teran is an authentic Istrian red wine. The Teran variety of grapes grows best in colder summers, especially on the rolling hills of Vižinada with a breathtaking view of Istria.  

You can try these and many other, but not less famous, Istrian dessert wines, such as Muškat and sweet Malvazija, in numerous restaurants and wine cellars. This will take your experience of Istria to a whole new level.